We are Global Strategic Leadership Advisors

Our experience spans all regions of the world and over 25 years advising Boards, CEOs and their teams. We believe global leadership effectiveness is the key to success in the 21st century. Our clients drive business results by aligning strategy, organization and leadership.

» Strategy Implementation


Reports, assessments and directives for organizational change are useless without thoughtful and attentive strategy implementation. Meritas is concerned with the alignment of key players, communication to constituents and translation of the strategic blueprint into critical priorities for all concerned.

» Translate the strategic blueprint into critical priorities

» Creating a High Performance Coaching Culture

Creating a High Performance Coaching Culture

Meritas offers a holistic approach to building a high performing coaching culture. You can pick and choose from our core set of services to build a program for your organization.

» Develop a high performance coaching culture

» High-impact Executive Coaching


With increased competition in the world economy, organizations rely increasingly on executive coaches to help key leaders attain a competitive edge and win in the marketplace. But absent a clear line of sight to business results, executive coaching lacks organizational impact. At Meritas, MBA-credentialed coaches who understand ROI work with leaders to ensure high leadership and organizational impact.

» Realize your leaders’ full potential

» Leadership Assessment


Meritas’ leadership assessments provide vital insight on the convergence of management style and personality traits. Detailed 360° Assessments and Feedback Reports provide executive boards and top-management with a complete picture of a business leader. Meritas can assess a group of potential candidates and help your organization choose the right person for the job.

» Mold a team of champions into a championship team

» Our New Book

How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want)

Meritas co-founder Dick Massimilian has attended and led thousands of meetings and presentations, and shares his team, organizational and leadership expertise in his latest book, How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want). This easy-to-read guide takes readers step by step through effective meeting strategy–from planning, to running a meeting, to follow-up–ensuring efficient use of everyone’s time, and, most importantly, results.

» Get the results you’re looking for in your next meeting.