“Doctrine creates the common framework of understanding inside of which individuals can make rapid decisions that are right for their circumstances.”

Mark Bonchek and Chris Fussell

The strongest organizations are bound together by a core set of operating principles that extend beyond strategy and planning. A clear company “doctrine” guides and shapes decision making, empowering team members at all levels to act rapidly and decisively while moving the organization towards a common goal. Doctrine sets the boundaries for individual decision making and harnesses the maximum horsepower of a company’s greatest asset – its employees. Meritas works with companies across the globe to unearth their guiding principles and develop a foundation for success.

Effective information sharing and widespread situational awareness are key elements to implementing a practical guiding doctrine. The article Use Doctrine to Pierce the Fog of Business by Mark Bonchek and Chris Fussell reveals the power of doctrine through several topical examples.

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