“Finding a guide whose personality meshes, who can motivate and teach and console in equal doses, is like finding the closest parking space in a crowded lot.”
–Ben Shpigel

Trust is the reliance on and confidence in the character, strength, and ability of someone or something else. It inherently involves risk to oneself, and while it is intangible and difficult to assess with metrics, it is a simple concept to understand. High-performing, successful teams are built on a foundation of trust, which provides a sense of safety for team members, allowing them to take appropriate risks, share information, divide responsibilities, and cooperate to drive progress and achieve goals.

Leaders who have built trust through action were in abundance during the 2014 Sochi Paralymics. Take the example of visually impaired downhill skiers, who closely follow their sighted guides down treacherous slopes at 75 miles per hour, as reported in a recent New York Times article by Ben Shpigel. The athletes and their guides often work together for years to develop relationships with trust, clear communication, and motivation at their core, empowering them to contend for medals in elite competitions.

Meritas Partners believes that trust is an essential building block for effective high-performing teams, leading to increased innovation, collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Let Meritas’ Strategy Implementation service help draw out the character and competencies necessary to develop a culture at your organization in which trust can flourish, and goals will be achieved.

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