Executive coaching to develop CEO candidates and improve performance skills is best started early, according to a recent study of nearly 500 top business and human capital leaders. (1)

eagle-smallThe Meritas approach embraces this idea. We coach individuals and leadership teams to think more clearly about long-term goals and to execute more effectively in order to achieve higher performance. Meritas also provides short-term executive and team coaching to address specific issues that affect strategy and performance.

Our coaching objective is to identify, harness and strengthen the latent leadership potential of individuals. Our process is fluid, adaptable and tailored to address shifting challenges. When directed at high-potential leaders, executive coaching lifts bottom-line performance, quality of executive output and the launch and development of well-integrated teams.

While Meritas helps companies achieve immediate bottom-line results through better talent management, we emphasize long-term plans for sustained leadership development. Our ultimate objective is to create an inexhaustible pipeline of talent.

Our coaching engagements are anchored in an up-front assessment of the leader’s potential using our proprietary approach, and are supplemented by feedback from key stakeholders and by a few robust psychometrics. This data-driven assessment methodology leads to clear leadership development and coaching goals that are behaviorally anchored and measurable. As a result, return on your coaching investment will be clear and measurable.

The Meritas approach to assessing potential, framing specific leadership development objectives, setting clear coaching targets, and tracking progress yields high-impact results for leaders. Our approach is flexible and targets all coaching needs, from personal to team to organizational. Leaders who have worked with us consistently highlight our honest, challenging, and business savvy approach. We “hold the mirror up” to our clients and work with them to create what they want to see in that mirror relative to where they are today.

Our coaching covers a range of topics depending on the client needs. We are adept at coaching on:

  • Business performance,
  • Transformational leadership,
  • Executive presence,
  • Large-scale change leadership,
  • Team leadership,
  • Individual leadership effectiveness,
  • Influence and stakeholder management.

We also have deep experience in transition coaching to help leaders move from a current to a new role or to articulate the next stage of their leadership journey.

The Executive Coaching Team at Meritas Partners offers the outside perspective and experience needed to improve your organization’s ability to handle the most difficult challenges. Meritas can help your company map its path to success.

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1. Source: “Trends in Executive Coaching: New Research Reveals Emerging Best Practices” by DBM (www.dbm.com) and the Human Capital Institute (www.hci.org). August 14, 2008.

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