Time Budgets: Managing Your Most Important Resource

Executive Time Management

Although organizational performance is paramount for most companies, one of the key inputs is little understood and routinely ignored: how team members actually spend their time. In fact, recent studies indicate that employees’ time is often unmanaged and uncontrolled.

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A Better Way to Engage Your Employees?

Leadership as Service

Leadership can be considered a service that the leader’s subordinates, at any level, either “buy” or don’t. When a leader’s practices are perceived as valuable, the followers tend to “buy” the leadership, and performance improves as employees become more engaged and inspired.

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Most CEOs Want Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Meritas Partners

Most elite athletes have coaches. Most CEOs do not. Both elite athletes and business executives are expected to perform. But we don’t expect Olympians to successfully compete in Sochi without their coaches having spent many, many hours training, instructing, directing, and providing feedback to them. Why then should CEOs and senior executives be expected to go it alone?

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Why Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching to develop CEO candidates and improve performance skills is best started early, according to a recent study of nearly 500 top business and human capital leaders. (1) The Meritas approach embraces this idea. We coach individuals and leadership

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