The Meritas Assessment approach is unique. It is engaging, personal, insightful and robust. Whether to jump start our high-impact coaching, or for succession planning or talent review, this approach builds the foundation for realizing personal and organizational leadership objectives.

Our purpose is to ensure that you identify, assess and leverage leadership potential to create and sustain long-term success for your company. Our diverse business experience enables us to look beyond a leader’s psychological profile and evaluate with an experienced eye to the strategic business context. We conduct our assessments in the context of your business priorities.

The six steps below are core to our leadership and executive assessment approach.

Ongoing, close collaboration with client to ensure alignment

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  • Preparation

    Understand business context and role requirements

  • Pre- Assessment

    Clarify key performance criteria and approach, including psychometrics

  • Personal Leadership Development Assessment

    Conduct in-depth one-on-one assessment with coachee

  • Stakeholder Input

    Complete key stakeholder interviews as needed or use 360 survey tool based on competencies

  • Output & Dialogue

    Prepare and review Personal Leadership Development Profile with coachee

  • Executive Coaching

    Create development plan, review as needed and support coachee to fulfill

Establish relevant critical parameters

Before we begin working directly with individuals, we gain a full understanding of the business context and the role requirements. This includes the competitive context, the business strategy and performance, the current executive team structure and membership, the future team/organization structure and role requirements, and deal specifications. Our organizational design expertise enables us to help identify key leadership roles and responsibilities.

Clarify key assessment criteria and approach

In this stage we apply position criteria to identify leadership performance requirements. We expand this to understand the leadership potential definition within the context of role and strategic environment. We answer the questions, “How will this fit with the business requirements?” and “What are the potential derailers?”Using this information, we establish our assessment approach:

  • Length and structure of one-on-one interviews
  • Key stakeholders to interview and protocols – board, colleagues, key customers/clients, key business partners
  • Psychometrics

Conduct in-depth one-on-one assessment with leaders and succession candidates

Given established criteria and business context, we complete behavior-based discussion of work history to understand leader’s:

  • Strategic thinking and problem solving style
  • Interpersonal and communication style
  • Self/other awareness and its impact on capacity to evolve as a leader and influence and develop others
  • Management and leadership style characteristics and fit with business context
  • Future leadership potential – based on underlying motivation, drive, flexibility and capacity to partner effectively

The assessment interview process provides the individual with a rich development experience, regardless of the assessment outcome.

Complete key stakeholder interviews as needed

To gain a complete, 360° understanding of a leader’s potential and position, we typically complete key interviews with key stakeholders that interact with the leader. This helps to verify, clarify and/or enhance insights into leader’s performance and potential, and lets us research critical elements that will determine future success in the role.Key stakeholders could include:

  • Peers
  • Key functional and business leaders
  • Current and potential direct reports
  • Directors (as appropriate)

Report assessment results, highlighting business context, in writing and in one-on-one meetings

At the end of the interview stages, we report assessment results verbally and in writing, within business context, with a final recommendation. Our written report format is flexible and customized, covering:

  • “Current State” Leadership Profile – what kind of leader is this person today?
  • Key strengths to leverage against role and additional criteria established
  • Future development opportunities given role and criteria
  • Potential derailers and overall perspective on future leadership potential
  • Final recommendation against role and rationale

Our verbal report and feedback to you includes:

  • Initial insights immediately after assessment, with written report upon completion of stakeholder interviews.
  • As needed, we will prepare a comparative assessment of a slate of candidates against a specific role or set of roles, highlighting key strengths and weaknesses.
  • If we assess individuals to build a full management team, we will provide a view on the final team’s profile: strengths, weaknesses and overall interpersonal dynamics – as input into team start-up process and potential team-level derailers.

When possible, review an appropriate version of the report with the candidate, regardless of role selection outcome for their personal development.

Post-Decision: Support leader on-boarding and team integration

We are available to work with a new leader to support placement, on-boarding, and team integration as needed. This typically includes:

  • Establish initial (e.g. 100-day) goals and objectives
  • Map and initiate key relationships critical to success
  • Advise on team governance structure and protocols
  • Design and facilitate new-team launch
  • Conduct “back-end” (e.g. post-100-day) live 360°
  • Act as executive coach for an initial six-month period
  • Further out, support succession planning process

This service is part of Meritas’ Creating a High Performance Coaching Culture Program

Program elements include:


Creating a High Performance Coaching Culture