A major US investment manager sought to leverage its domestic success to become a leading global player, and asked Meritas to help design and implement its strategy to do so over a two-year period.

Critical Success Factors: Why It Worked

  • Strong CEO sponsorship
  • Senior team engaged as strategic initiative sponsors to challenge, support and advocate
  • Business leaders in charge of each strategic initiative and implementation stream
  • Global Implementation Leader designated to manage overall change program
  • Explicit deadlines, timelines, and plans with clear budget requirements
  • “Real-time” decisions by SLT on recommendations and implementation
  • Strategic initiative teams comprised of high potential leaders with cross-functional and global representation

Meritas’ Strategy Implementation Architecture

CEO Sponsor

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Governing Body

Individual SLT member(s) assigned to each Working Team

Capital Raising

US Team Leader
SLT Sponsor – U.S.


UK Team Leader
SLT Sponsor – U.S.

Talent and Leadership Development

Mexico Team Leader
SLT Sponsor – Europe


US Team Leader
SLT Sponsors – Singapore/Latin America

Meritas Facilitator Meritas Facilitator Meritas Facilitator Meritas Facilitator
Mission and Desired Outcomes
  • Develop strategies for enhancing Company’s capital-raising effectiveness to tap new sources of capital for the firm.
  • Strategies should consider and/or incorporate: (1) Best practices of successful firms, (2) New distribution channels and approaches, (3) Regional diversity
  • Greater efficiency, accountability, control and consistency
  • Appropriate flexibility to accommodate unique regional needs
  • Incorporate best practices
  • Promote cross-border collaboration and information sharing
  • Identify the critical organizational knowledge, experiences and attributes to advance company’s global agenda
  • Create a development track for high potentials
  • Develop an approach for identifying high-potentials
  • Identify appropriate metrics
  • Robust Communications Culture
  • Effective communications systems and protocols
  • Single global identity

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