“You already have natural intrapreneurs in your company. Some you know about, but most are hiding. These individuals are not always your top talent or the obvious rebels or mavericks.”
–Vijay Govindarajan and Jatin Desai

Intrapreneurs can be thought of as individuals behaving like entrepreneurs while working within the framework of an organization. These individuals integrate risk-taking, creativity, and initiative to transform an idea into a profitable venture that will help meet organizational goals. They tend to be persistent in their vision, confident facing adversity, and humble yet self-aware.

This recent post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network by Dartmouth Tuck School of Business Professor Vijay Govindarajan and late author Jatin Desai highlights the need for organizations to recognize the intrapreneurs in their ranks, and identifies six characteristics of successful intrapreneurs.

Govindarajan and Desai further encourage leaders to drive organizational growth via innovation by ferreting out the intrapreneurs in their midst and providing those individuals with the support they need.

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage your organization’s untapped intrapreneurs. Engage Meritas’ Leadership Assessment to identify and acknowledge intrapreneurs already working in your organization and use Meritas’ Strategy Implementation service to establish and develop a culture in which their ideas can flourish.

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