Perseverance - Grit

“Successful people approach problems as a learning process. While invested in the result, they see it as an opportunity to learn and grow and, therefore, are not afraid of an imperfect result.”
–Bob Carney, Gold Digest

What do running a business at the executive level and a successful golf game have in common? Undoubtedly, both require intelligence and formal knowledge. However, a new article by Bob Carney suggests that one non-cognitive character trait in particular, one even slightly inversely correlated with intelligence, could be the most important factor of all; he calls it “grit”.

Drawing on research findings from university psychology professors and insights from secondary school educators, sports psychologists, and golf instructors, Carney concludes that just a handful of qualities can lead to a successful golf game. These include:

  • commitment to long-term goals,
  • discipline and a strong work ethic,
  • deep-seated optimism,
  • willingness to delay gratification, and
  • a growth mind-set.

Together, these qualities lead to a passionate perseverance for achieving very long-term goals. This underlying drive from the grit factor directly translate to business leadership. Best of all, Carney claims grit can be acquired by anyone, given the proper motivation, appropriate learning conditions, and enough purposeful practice that is “measured, monitored, and evaluated”. We can all learn from Carney’s insightful article.

At Meritas, we bring out the grit in our clients to achieve new levels of performance. High-level, insightful, objective performance analysis and 360° feedback provide a mirror for our clients to overcome obstacles, perform at new levels, and find the grit to achieve their long-term goals.

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