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“What’s critical is a mentor who sponsors you and puts in a good word for you. Women tend not to be getting that support as much as men do.”
-Cindy Schipani, Business Law Professor, University of Michigan

We’ve all seen the recent headlines about gender and equal pay. But the gender gap in the executive suite may be more significant: the disparity between the percentage of women in the US workforce and the percentage who have achieved executive status. In fact, many studies have shown that “companies with more women involved in leadership outperform their sector in terms of return on equity, operating result and stock price growth.” So how can this so-called ‘glass ceiling’ be raised?

A recent paper from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan examines some of the barriers to women in achieving executive status. It advocates the importance of networking and mentoring for men and women alike. The research, headed by business law professor Cindy Schipani, finds that women, especially those with dependents, do not receive mentoring to the same degree that men do, and this inequality impacts career outcomes.

Meritas assists organizations in developing a coaching culture in which networking and mentoring relationships thrive, and in which women can reach parity with men in leadership roles. This pragmatic approach improves both individual performance and company-wide results.

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