The most brilliant, innovative, groundbreaking strategy is of no value unless it lives in what people do each day. We work with our client organizations to translate what has been articulated into what is achieved. Our clients accomplish their missions and realize their dreams. At Meritas, we bring strategy to life.

Our clients have:

  • Changed the culture of the largest division of a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company
  • Integrated a major acquisition successfully as defined by achievement of the pro forma rationale for the acquisition
  • Moved from being a premier US investment management institution to being a growing global player
  • Realigned the organizational structure to adapt to a fundamental industry shift

We know how to align organizational “hardware” – structure, systems and processes – with organizational “software” – people, culture and leadership. We balance our innate optimism with a pragmatic commitment to tangible outcomes. We know when to slow down and when to speed up. We judge our success by your results.

Poet Robert Burns was right: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Don’t let your organization’s “best laid plans” go awry.

Meritas’ Strategy Implementation Program

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  • Strategy Launch Meeting

    Top 30 – 40 leaders gain external perspective and commit to a vision

  • Strategic Initiative Teams Develop Recommendations

    Select team leaders for each initiative; set clear objectives and milestones

  • Strategic Initiatives Recommendation Meeting

    Recommendations are presented by each Change Team and voted upon by upper management

  • 6 – 12 Months Implementation Process

    Teams are defined, budgets are set, and facilitators assist change

  • Close of Change Program

    Review and report out on the initiative

Strategy Launch Meeting with Top 30 – 40 Leaders

  • Gain external perspective in market, competition and future trends
  • Issues Raised Openly
  • Define/Re-affirm Vision
  • Commit to Vision
  • Define Critical Strategic Change Pillars

Change Teams Develop Recommendations

  • Select Leaders for each Strategic Change Pillar (high potential future leaders)
  • Commission Teams for each Change Pillar
  • Provide external facilitator to support team process
  • Launch teams with consistent timelines, deliverables
  • Provide each Team with a Executive Team Sponsor
  • 4 months to build recommendations for each Change Pillar

Strategic Initiatives Recommendation Meeting

  • Each Change Team presents business case and recommendations
  • The extended leadership team and the executive team vote on the recommendations
  • The executive team conducts private session to finalize decisions on each recommendation
  • CEO presents final go/no go decisions to the extended leadership team
  • Implementation Leader announced, and sets the stage for Implementation Phase

6 – 12 Months Implementation Process

  • Implementation Teams commissioned with some members from Recommendation Teams imbedded for continuity.
  • Implementation Leader oversees process with support from external facilitators to support work of each team.
  • Implementation Leader joins Executive Team for this period to report out on progress.
  • Each Implementation Team as Executive Team Sponsor to advocate and provide guidance.
  • Budgets are provided and resources approved to drive results.

Close of Change Program

  • All Change Implementation Teams and Executive Team meet to review implementation progress.
  • Each team reports out on progress, challenges, recommended next steps to imbed implementation in normal course of business.
  • Executive team meets privately for part of this session to make decisions on recommendations.
  • CEO reports out on decisions.
  • Celebration to conclude Change Program.

Case Study: Strategy Implementation Architecture

Learn how Meritas helped a major US investment manager leverage its domestic success to become a leading global player.

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