Effective Leadership for Chinese Managers in China:
Behaviors and Tactics for Success

Operating in the Multinational Corporate (MNC) landscape can pose challenges for Chinese managers accustomed to Chinese culture and business practice. To succeed in the MNC environment and be an effective manager it is important to possess a commitment to being in the company, an ability to adapt to new circumstances, and the capacity to reconcile and integrate global and local business contexts.

To effectively build teams in China, it is critical to gain employee buy-in, establish a flexible structure and provide the direction and visions needed and expected by team members.

Leadership with Chinese Characteristics is a series of reports on management and business culture in China prepared by Meritas Partners. The series includes three reports, one focused on effective business leadership for expat managers, one for Chinese managers, and a third report exploring the importance of relationships for business in China. The conclusions in these reports are based on a review of contemporary academic and popular literature on management in China, Meritas designed and deployed survey, and interviews with China-based managers (Chinese and expat).

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